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On the results of past events within the framework of the Interstate Council on Antimonopoly Policy


1.         On June 8, 2023, St. Petersburg hosted the 40th meeting of the CIS Headquarters for Investigating Antimonopoly Violations.

Belarus was represented at the event by the MART delegation headed by Minister Alexei Bogdanov.

The event focused on the development of digital markets, unfair competition, exchange trade and socially important commodities.

The Belarusian party presented a report on the development of the markets of medicines.

2. Heads of the antimonopoly authorities of Belarus and Russia - Alexei Bogdanov and Maxim Shaskolsky – had a bilateral meeting on the margins of the event. They discussed topical issues of developing and improving the transport market, selling dairy products, as well as “parallel” imports mechanism.

The meeting resulted in the signing of the Memorandum, which is aimed to update the work of the Joint Belarusian-Russian Expert Council for the Protection and Development of Competition, established between the agencies.

“Current situation in the world requires consolidation of efforts to work out joint mechanisms for the protection of competition in the interests of the citizens of our countries,” said Mr. Bogdanov.

3. As part of the main agenda of the 54th meeting of the Interstate Council on Antimonopoly Policy of CIS member-states (ICAP), held in St. Petersburg, Mr. Alexei Bogdanov had bilateral talks with the leadership of the antimonopoly authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

During the meetings the parties exchanged experience in the field of pricing in the consumer goods market, regulation of the pharmaceutical and medical services markets, discussed issues of dominant control, as well as work on finalising Memorandum of Cooperation between the agencies.

4. 54th meeting of ICAP, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, took place on June 9, 2023.

Minister Alexei Bogdanov informed his CIS colleagues of the work of the Belarusian antimonopoly body mentioning high-profile investigations as well as successfully implemented mechanisms to enhance the effectiveness of MART.

The Minster remarked that thanks to the joint efforts of the CIS states the ICAP became a reliable tool to overcome violations in the sphere of competition at the transnational level.

5. Regular bilateral meetings were held as part of the 54th meeting of the Interstate Council on Antimonopoly Policy.

Mr. Alexei Bogdanov met with Mr. Keneshbay Taylakov, Chairman of the Antimonopoly Regulation Service under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic, and Mr. Abdulmajid Muminzod, Head of the Antimonopoly Service under the Government of Tajikistan.

The parties discussed approaches used in the states to regulate the market of socially important goods, exchanged information on the available powers to regulate certain areas of the economy and agreed
to continue further fruitful cooperation.

Based on the results of negotiations both sides agreed to develop and sign an Agreement on Cooperation.

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