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About the meeting with the honorary consul of Belarus in Eskisehir (Turkiye)


Minister Alexei Bogdanov met with Honorary Consul of Belarus in Eskisehir (Türkiye) Mr. Gürhan Albayrak.

The head of the Ministry briefly apprised about experience in the application of price control measures on the consumer market, fair competition and regulation of dominants. On his part, Mr. Honorary Consul informed about the work being done to intensify trade and economic interaction between Belarus and Turkiye.

«Our countries have many common interests and prospects for cooperation in various areas, including trade, culture, education, tourism, and others. I am confident that your work as an Honorary Consul will contribute to its further building strong bridges between our peoples», said Alexei Bogdanov.

At the end of the event the parties came to a common opinion of considerable potential for bilateral cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

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